Giorgio Armani 2020 Cruise Men's and Women's Collections

Giorgio Armani chose to unveil the Men's and Women's Cruise collections for the first time via a special runway show set up in Tokyo, underscoring the designer's cultural affinity with Japan. A shared love for clean, vibrant lines and an insularity that does not equate to isolation, but rather an acknowledgment of one’s worth that is to be cultivated consistently.

Lost Potential

Maybe we don’t completely have free will. Our emotions, place of birth, thoughts, and biological make up are not of our choice. But within those rules of life, there are options. The will to push through those boundaries can bring life to unimaginable potential. But potential can only be ignited through sacrifice, suffering, and meaning. Without any of those, what we have is eventually lost, and life will still have its suffering and sacrifice for others to observe. If it’s meaningless or meaningful, is up to us to decide.

Moda Shipibo: Delicia

Vestido en su moda nativa, ella me llamó. Desde el camino, me adentré más en la comunidad de Shapibo. El garmet tradicional es una falda que está modelada como escalas colorada de una anaconda mágica, y una blusa que florece como una flor tropical en la selva Amazonia. La tierra de esta comunidad son las mujeres nativas. Conoce a Delicia.


I will remember the city of Pucallpa for its kind hospitality, exotic fruits, bootleg DVDs, midnight heat, and strange fishes. The images are the city from the sky, a man in a dress, locals at work and play, an Irishman, and a dead dog.