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#15 - Hanbyo Oniyama


#13 - Tom Hodges

Tom Hodges is an ex-military soldier who served in the British Army. He shares his experience in the military, returning to study after leaving, travel and now is currently starting up his hostel business in the Philippines.

#10 - Darryl Chinen

Darryl Chinen is the quintessential otacool. Having suffered a stroke, Darryl shares his story and the day to day challenges people with disabilities face in Japan. Idols, Okinawa, and the state of America are on the menu. 

#9 - Dela

Dela is a French music artist who made international waves with his Atmosphere Airlines series. He has traveled to many places and he is now a Japanese language student in Tokyo. He shares his experience in the music industry, his new projects, and philosophies.

#8 - Yuki Suehiro

Yuki Suehiro was raised in 5 different countries and is able to speak 4 different languages.
A lover of music, surfing, and cigarettes. He talks about growing up overseas, making music, and bullying.

#7 - Tariq Lacy

#7. If you love video games and want to work for Nintendo, then Tariq Lacy is your inside man. Tariq Lacy shares his shared his travels across Asia and Europe, tips for learning Japanese, the power of video games, and landing his childhood dream job at Nintendo. We got deep into the 8 bit rabbit role.

#6 - Takeshi Ideyama

#6. Takeshi Ideyama is one of the most powerfully positive people I have ever met. Maybe it comes from his near death experience or maybe from knowing what it feels like to be paralyzed from the waist down or maybe he has just been awesome since day one.

#5 - Nielske Deleyn

#5. The Kancho King Nielske Deleyn, better known as Roppongi Nills, is an actor, model, and one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. Nielske talks drama, photography, his morning merengue music ritual, and how he got his start in Japan.

#4 - Warwick Francis

#4. Warwick Francis is a former intelligence operative from New Zealand. We talk about his former Kiwi College, his arrival to Japan back in the late 70s, retirement, extreme feminism, American politics, ARPANET, ECHELON, AIPAC and a bunch of other shit that goes over my head.

#3 - Reggie Austin

#3. Reggie Austin is the bass player of Actual Proof. He picked up the bass at age 25 but did not decide to be a musician until he was in his 30s. We talk music, vegetarian and gracie diets, meeting President Obama, and our opinions on the current election. 

#1 - Steven West

#1. Photographer Steven West is a true virtuoso of his craft. His photography covers advertisement, photo-journalism and stock photography. He breaks down some of his best work, gives his thoughts on street photography, and even explains how he sold a photo for $15,000.