The Fight in the Otaku

His dark eyes are as focused as a predator on the hunt. His facial expression is emotionless in the face of physically daunting sparring partners or green newbies. It’s as if the reptilian side of his brain takes over at his command. Every movement is given 100% focus and the world outside the ring or cage does not exist. He is Kin “Kong” Moy and the world will soon see him climbing to the top of MMA’s Empire State building.

By day, Kin Moy almost has a Clark Kent look to him. Currently working as an apprenticing optician who has juggled from the craftsmanship of shaping lenses to the retail end where he helps patients select their specs. He prefers the people side of things. A first time spectator of MMA would most likely assume that anyone who loves to fight couldn’t be a people person. However, Kin Moy’s interpersonal skills equally match his fighting skills. His interest in meeting and understanding people is seen in his ability to read his opponent and evolve every second of the fight. In the heat of punches and chokes, Kin Moy is able to study his opponent with the attitude of an Asian-American stereotype at his computer desk.

At heart Kin Moy is a true otaku. Having spent his younger years sitting at home and playing street fighter rather than becoming a street fighter, he felt as though he wasn’t living his life to the fullest and missing out on experiencing the world. Fearing he will waste anymore time, he makes up for lost time by being fully present in weekday drills and trying out salsa on weekends with friends. Like a mountain climber afraid of heights, Kin Moy acknowledges his nightmares and uses them to pursue his dreams.

If Kin Moy didn’t have martial arts, he would most likely be drawing and writing his own comics while eating his favorite snacks. His father originally introduced him to martial arts. A man he feels is a complete martial artist in the sense of competition, real world self defense, and philosophical applications. Kin Moy trains at Redline Fight Sports and lives his life territorially. If he ever did want an approval from someone, my guess is that it would be from his father.

Kin Moy’s love of martial arts, competitive nature, and his pursuit for personal greatness has already made him a top contender in the New England area. These trifectas of motivation have transformed this once insecure junk food eating otaku into the latest and greatest fighter out of the Boston area.