TEDxTokyo 2014

The theme for TEDxTokyo 2014 was ‘Connecting the Unconnected’ and that is exactly what I experienced as a first time volunteer at the conference. The event was held at the Shibuya Hikarie building and it gave me an opportunity to meet many interesting people such as Verbal from M-Flo and another filmmaker who later gave me a casting opportunity as an extra for the film ‘Equals.’

Besides the fact that I saw great performances and heard wonderful ideas on stage, I was thrilled to have been apart of the production team. The cameraman operating the crane needed an assistant, and I was lucky enough to be recommended by a mutual friend. It gave me a chance to see the coordination and teamwork involved in running a live event behind the scenes. The cameraman I helped out was impressively fluent in English, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish. He showed me how to work the crane and he even filmed some creative shots I suggested.

Below are videos to my personal favourite presentations and performances at the event.