The Sow Experience - Photo Shoot for Two

This was not a modeling shoot nor some kind of advertisement. It was a Christmas gift that I received for two. The Sow Experience was a gift that let me choose from different experiences: helicopter ride over Tokyo, luxurious dinner, spa, photo shoot, etc. I chose the photoshoot. I had never done a professional photoshoot outside of wedding, proms, and college events. And even that was like the grocery line treatment. I wanted to see a professional photographer at work. I had just gotten my first DSLR, the Nikon D3100, and I was becoming a student of photography. 

When we arrived the make up artist dolled us up. We chose a background and headed into the studio to be amazed by the lights and monitors. Although the photographer seemed very technically qualified for exposing a good photo, I was expecting the him to guide us through poses. After the first few traditional shots of couples, we began to improvise. It was a very fun activity and I strongly recommend friends, family, and couples to do something like this every few years. You are also able to get a great headshot should you need one for a professional portfolio. 

You can find the Sow experience in most shopping areas in Tokyo.