Phuket and Muay Thai

Phuket was an experience like no other. 

Discover a seafood paradise at the Bazaan Market until the sun comes down and night markets set up shop to serve meals that belong on your favorite food network. Minus the shitty croc meat. Everyday with every meal - coconut water. The super rich living next door to the super poor. Right down from a festival that served roasted bugs and bbq pigeons. Until there is a large community of Mexicans in Thailand, my advice is not to eat the nachos. Unless of course you want to shit yourself in the middle of a morning run. Sharing my experience of course.

Fire handguns, load up sniper rifles, ride elephants, party with lady boys, pet drugged up tigers, oh my...snorkel with fish that look like Nemo, boat cruise to secluded islands, or get your two year old child's nude portrait taken by a local professional photographer. Ride a motorbike, watch a family of five ride on one motorbike, transport your whole business by motorbike, get the garbage picked up by motorbike, but careful not to fall off a motorbike like I did. 

Beaches so beautiful you won't give a fuck about a sun burn. Meet wonderful people and hustlers. 3 times a week there's a Muay Thai event with live bets. Down the street you can go have a beer with a leprechaun. Then hit the dance floor to music played by world renowned DJs like Steve Aoki. The party don't stop until a ping-pong ball pops out of a vagina. If you find yourself disgusted by all of this, put on a VR headset in the middle of the boulevard for a different experience. If you don't like the night life, sit at home and watch a broadcasted cock-fight. Better yet, meet the locals training their roosters for a Sunday morning fight to the death. 

Thailand's graphic design is an eye sore. So close your eyes and let a cab driver take you around town like a personal chauffeur. And when you arrive, meet foreigners from all over the world. But all the adventure aside, the best part was the chance to train for a week in Muay Thai at Simulee Boxing Gym. It was my short kickboxer dream. No matter how late I stayed up nor how badly injured I was, the training made the trip surreal. 

Photos below taken by Mr. Leaf.