Womb 17th Anniversary

A night of live streaming electro, techno, house, and trance DJs. Amazing what you can now do with much more affordable gear. An iPhone and 5 Sony A7s cameras were hooked up for a facebook livestream of Womb's 17th Anniversary.

I teamed up again with party going photographer Alexis Williaume. The event was refreshingly different than our last Wall Street gig. Funny how I quit my job 4 years ago to move to Japan and in my first legitimate gig, I work with Alexis. I finally move on from the corporate world and I find myself again working with Alexis. Coincidence?

The DJs that had me grooving while cutting were 中田ヤスタカ (FLASH!!!), starRo, and DJ AKi (06S). The below video is a special performance by beatboxer, RyoTracks,

After a 12 hour 5 to 5 night, I finally went home to finish packing and move out of Tokyo. Happy anniversary Womb and goodbye Nakano-ku.