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Lost Potential

Lost Potential


Maybe we don’t completely have free will. Our emotions, place of birth, thoughts, and biological make up are not of our choice. But within those rules of life, there are options. The will to push through those boundaries can bring life to unimaginable potential. But potential can only be ignited through sacrifice, suffering, and meaning. Without any of those, what we have is eventually lost, and life will still have its suffering and sacrifice for others to observe. If it’s meaningless or meaningful, is up to us to decide.


You’re Gonna Carry That Weight

Quiet Storm

quand la pluie tombe

Flor Pálida

Cuba Isla Bella

Drm Sqnc (Dream)

Black Republican


Peligroso Amor

I Fall in Love Too Easily

From Heads Unworthy

It’s So Hard


Loosing Interest

Cards on The Table

Don’t Matter To Me

You Were So Far Away


Lost Potential
Moda Shipibo: Elena

Moda Shipibo: Elena

Moda Shipibo: Delicia

Moda Shipibo: Delicia