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pDNA 2.0 Results

The Photographer DNA (pDNA) Assessment Tool is an exercise in identification. The goal is to get a snapshot of the characteristics you currently possess that will most likely impact your potential as a professional photographer. 

Children of the Ati

The Ati are nomadic, dark-colored skin, curly hair and short people who inhabited the island long before it was discovered as tourist attraction. They are the first occupants of Boracay Island since time immemorial. 

Working the Shot

As exhausted as we were, the campfire scene was an opportunity to cook up a meal. The strong winds made it difficult to get the fire started. But once the wood burned, Steven mustered up the strength to snap the final scenes of the day. He submitted those final images to a calendar competition. 

Tokyo Tourists

A few weeks ago, the evening got more interesting when I received a sudden call from my good friend Steve West. Steve had a new client opportunity that was quite urgent. He was excited and determined to get the contract, and he needed myself and Takami to be models for a test shoot.