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I will remember the city of Pucallpa for its kind hospitality, exotic fruits, bootleg DVDs, midnight heat, and strange fishes. The images are the city from the sky, a man in a dress, locals at work and play, an Irishman, and a dead dog.

#23 - Jory Block

Do you want it or do you kind of want it? He has been cautious in his preparations and adventurous in his commitments. Jory shares his involvment in start ups and the preparations he made to travel the world for 1 year.

Las Caras de Argentina: Buenos Aires

Si tuviera que vivir mañana en otro país, iría a Buenos Aires. Es una mezcla de una nación del primer mundo y del tercer mundo. El centro de Europa se reúne con América Latina. Una ciudad que podría haber sido aún puede ser ... Y la gente que conozco tiene una chispa en sus ojos y un sueño en sus corazones que iluminan la capital.

#9 - Dela

Dela is a French music artist who made international waves with his Atmosphere Airlines series. He has traveled to many places and he is now a Japanese language student in Tokyo. He shares his experience in the music industry, his new projects, and philosophies.

Phuket and Muay Thai

Phuket was an experience like no other. Discover a seafood paradise at the Bazaan Market. Fire handguns, ride elephants, party with lady boys, and pet drugged up tigers. Beaches so beautiful you won't give a fuck about a sun burn. But the best part was Muay Thai training at Simulee Boxing Gym.

Tokyo Tourists

A few weeks ago, the evening got more interesting when I received a sudden call from my good friend Steve West. Steve had a new client opportunity that was quite urgent. He was excited and determined to get the contract, and he needed myself and Takami to be models for a test shoot.