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Lost Potential

Maybe we don’t completely have free will. Our emotions, place of birth, thoughts, and biological make up are not of our choice. But within those rules of life, there are options. The will to push through those boundaries can bring life to unimaginable potential. But potential can only be ignited through sacrifice, suffering, and meaning. Without any of those, what we have is eventually lost, and life will still have its suffering and sacrifice for others to observe. If it’s meaningless or meaningful, is up to us to decide.

An Analysis of the Dark Knight: Part 1

It has been ten years since the release of the Dark Knight. Besides the impact it made on the superhero genre, the film itself represented a tone of good becoming evil, the harmony of society, and nihilism. We explore the themes of the film and attempt to articulate its meaning to today’s atmosphere.

#23 - Jory Block

Do you want it or do you kind of want it? He has been cautious in his preparations and adventurous in his commitments. Jory shares his involvment in start ups and the preparations he made to travel the world for 1 year.

#21 - Tariq Lacy

Tariq Lacy is a project manager in the videogame industry. He recently accused Hiroaki Yura, the CEO of AREA 35, for using the Project Phoenix kickstarter campaign funds to make another videogame called TINY METAL. We don't talk about that.