Vinicius Quirino was locked up as an undocumented immigrant. He is now a legal resident of the United States of America. Under a Trump Presidency, he travels outside the States for the first time since his departure from Brazil.


Tariq Lacy is a project manager in the videogame industry. He recently accused Hiroaki Yura, the CEO of AREA 35, for using the Project Phoenix kickstarter campaign funds to make another videogame called TINY METAL. We don't talk about that.


Miles has been in news for most of his working life. He shares political activism in the UK, journalism in China, and video production in Japan.


Kyle Sexton is the baker and owner of Kyle's Good Finds. He came to Japan in the 80s with $300 in his pocket and no plans of returning home. 


Gilbert C. Espineli is the music director of the Divine Trinity gospel choir. We discuss music, Japan, and God.


Larry Cay es aprendiz de chamán. Comparte su experiencia militar peruana y su viaje espiritual. Trabajo, acción, gloria.


Alexis Wuillaume is a photographer, international citizen, music and film connoisseur. He shares his life journey throughout Europe, America, and Asia. Work, study, music, and movies.




Luis y yo nos encontramos en la aldea shapibo de San Francisco, Perú. Él comparte su historia de la familia, sus luchas con la aceptación, y su búsqueda para la mejora del uno mismo. 


Tom Hodges is an ex-military soldier who served in the British Army. He shares his experience in the military, returning to study after leaving, travel and now is currently starting up his hostel business in the Philippines.